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In the Spring of 1916, the Shreveport Real Estate Board was officially chartered by the National Association of Real Estate Boards and became the second Board in the state of Louisiana-the New Orleans Board having been chartered one year earlier.

The Shreveport Board was organized by a group of 15 dedicated men for the purpose of "improving the character of the service of those engaged in the profession." Years later, N.B. Stoer, first President of the Board, reflected, "The ethics established protected the owners of real estate placed under control of members of the Board of Realtors, and favorable results obtained are well known to all familiar with the services rendered."

The Shreveport Board, one of the oldest in the United States, was formed four years before the Louisiana Realtors Association and had the honor of hosting the first LRA Convention in Shreveport, in 1920. Records show that this event was held in the auditorium of the City Hall with 75 in attendance. The Real Estate License Law, to go into effect January 1, 1921, was discussed and its enforcement urged. Mention was made of the "old' law, which was framed for revenue only, and then it was noted that the present law "covers not only the revenue features but embraces complete regulation of the business of the real estate dealers in Louisiana."

The Board was incorporated on September 27, 1926. Also, during the late 1920s, members of the Board, under the chairmanship of A.C. Steere, Realtor, appointed by the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, accomplished nearly all the work required to take options to purchase the land for occupation of Barksdale Field.

In 1952 the Multiple Listing Service was organized and functioned as a committee of the Board until 1964, when a separate corporation, MLS, Inc., was formed. In 1951 the name of the Board changed from Shreveport Real Estate Board to Shreveport Board of Realtors and it was changed again in 1956 to Shreveport-Bossier Board of Realtors. The Board's jurisdiction, which had included Caddo and Bossier Parishes, was increased in 2003 to add Webster and Claiborne Parishes and the name was changed to Northwest Louisiana Association of REALTORS, which better recognized the geographical area covered by the Association.

The membership records indicated that in 1955 there were 56 Realtor members and 85 associates-by 1971 membership had increased to 100 Realtors and 264 associates. Our membership counts in 2003 were 157 Designated Realtors, 764 Realtors for a total of 927 members representing 158 firms.

Throughout the years the Board has been directly involved in the progress and growth of Shreveport and Bossier City and the surrounding areas. Working with local and state government, the Board has strived to protect private property rights of all citizens. Through education, Professional Standards enforcement and the establishment of policies, the Board has provided a high standard for business practice and professional conduct of its members.

We salute those original 15 charter members and recognize with gratitude the wisdom and energy of the officers and directors who have guided this organization since it birth in 1916.

 NWLAR Historical Facts

Historical Dates and Facts

Northwest Louisiana Association of REALTORS®
A look at where we have been

March 27, 1916 - Shreveport Real Estate Board was chartered by the National
Association of Real Estate Boards. It was the second Board in Louisiana, New Orleans was chartered one year before.

1920 - First state convention was held in Shreveport. (One topic of discussion at the convention was the new Louisiana License Law to go into effect January 1, 1921, -- Louisiana was one of the first states to pass a license law.)

1921 - Board endorsed new license law.

Late 20s - Members of the Board, under the chairmanship of A.C. Steere, REALTOR®, appointed by the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, accomplished nearly all the work required to take options to purchase the land for occupation of Barksdale Field. They also worked to pass the bond issue by the city of Shreveport to pay the principal sum and interest on the bonds to obtain this (Barksdale Field) great asset for both Caddo and Bossier Parishes. The bond was in the amount of $1.5 million.

September 27, 1926 - Board was incorporated.

1935 - Board supported Shreveport centennial Celebration.

1935 - Committee appointed to interview Clerk of Court in regard to recording of
surety bonds in the mortgage records of Caddo Parish.

1935 - Protested consolidation of railway freight terminals.

1936 - Employed A.B. Murray as Field Secretary of the Property Owner's Division of the Board.

1936 - Board protested the closing of Dillingham Street between Wilkinson, Kirby
and Columbia.

1937 - Union Station Committee headed by N.B. Stoer reported having held two
public meetings at city Hall.

1938 - Board worked to establish a Caddo Taxpayers Association.

1938 - Board went on record as being in favor of building a Union Station and
opposing building T & P Station.

1938 - Board sent letter to governor opposing any measure levying taxes on

1941 - Opinion sent from Board to Commission of Streets & Parks that the
danger to Shreveport for eroding banks of Red River is very serious and advising that immediate steps tot prevent be taken.

1944 - Board sponsored repeal for the 3-year tax exemption on new construction.

1949 - Board declared support for new airport and offered recommendations to
City Council, City Planning Commission and Airport Committee.

1949 - Board adopted Resolution recommending a study by the City government
and Police Jury in working out a zoning project for Caddo Parish.

1949 - Board contributed to help defray the expenses of the City Charter

1950 - Board adopted Resolution endorsing the proposed Charter for City of

1950 - Board adopted Resolution opposing apartment building at old jail site.

1952 - MLS organized as a committee.

1953 - Board supported the City Sales Tax.

1954 - Board adopted Resolution requesting legislation to put into effect
equitable zoning and offering assistance.

1956 - Board sponsored dinner for purpose of discussing proposed license law
amendments with legislators who are guests of the Board.

1956 - Board favored passage of a pending zoning ordinance and also worked
diligently to introduce and pass a new real estate license law.

1956 - A real estate night course at Centenary College was endorsed.

1956 - Shreveport Real Estate board changed name to Shreveport-Bossier
Board of REALTORS®, Inc.

1957 - Women's Council of REALTORS® local chapter founded.

1958 - Efforts on the zoning ordinance continued into 1958 when the Board also
assisted in drafting a subdivision ordinance.

1959 - Board sponsored an FHA Industry Dinner celebrating the FHA's 25th

1960 - Board assisted the Volunteers of America in their efforts to locate new

1961 - New Associate membership requirements were adopted.

1962 - Board hosted the State Convention.

1962 - Board endorsed the bond issue for the expansion of the Beaird Company.

1963 - Board supported the Capital Improvements Bond Issue, the expenditure of which included construction of the Civic theatre and Convention Hall.

1963 - A Photo-List program was tried through MLS.

1964 - Board was instrumental in getting a proposed 2 percent real estate
transaction tax in Louisiana reduced to a 3-mill tax.

1964 - A separate corporation for the multiple listing service was formed, known
as M.L.S., Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Shreveport-Bossier
Board of REALTORS®.

1965 - Indoctrination Course was approved and attendance requirements

1966 - Golden Anniversary of the Shreveport-Bossier Board of REALTORS®, Inc.

1966 - Board Office was moved to Line Avenue.

1967 - Board adopted a Resolution commending the Mayor's announced
program of enforcement of Minimum Housing Standards Ordinance.

1968 - At the request of Barksdale Air Force Base Officials, a special committee
was formed to assist incoming military personnel in finding suitable

1968 - Board supported the City's capital improvements bond issue to finance construction and improvements of public facilities.

1969 - Board Office moved to 1753 Line Avenue.

1969 - Board hosted the State Convention.

1970 - Board received Shreveport Beautification Foundation's Award for the
month of April.

1971 - Gertrude B. Weyman was installed as the first woman president.

1971 - Board adopted a Resolution recommending certain changes and
requesting the City Council to delay passage of a proposed new Minimum
Housing Standards Code to allow time for further study and

1978 - Board moved into its present headquarters at 2036 East 70th Street.

1983 - Board signed the Voluntary Affirmative Marketing Agreement.

1983 - Board made pledge toward a Chair of Real Estate at LSU-Shreveport.

1987 - Board adopted a five-year Strategic Plan.

1987 - Katherine Whitely retired after 32 years as Executive Secretary to the

1988 - Shreveport-Bossier Political Action Committee was established.

1988 - MLS went on-line with the PRC Realty System's Stellar II computer

1988 - Board participated in the Fiscal Reform Rally held in Baton Rouge.

1989 - Local Board PAC was approved by the Louisiana REALTORS® Political Action Committee Trustees.

1989 -- Board received its first fax machine.

1990 - Board hosted the Louisiana REALTORS® Convention in Shreveport.

1990 - REALTOR® Store opened for business.

1991 - The Shreveport-Bossier Board of Realtors and the HomeBuilders joined
together to begin the St. Jude Dream Home project.

1991 - The Shreveport-Bossier Board appointed a task force to look into becoming an all-REALTOR® Board.

1991 - Board held its 75th Anniversary celebration.

1991 - Board publicly encouraged the McDonnell-Douglas move to Shreveport.

1991 - Board began publication of its own magazine, Shreveport-Bossier REALTOR®.

1992- Board purchased land adjacent to the Board office on East 70th Street.

1992 - The Voluntary Affirmative Marketing Agreement was signed between HUD and the Board.

1992 - Louisiana REALTORS® held the state Convention in Shreveport.

1992 - First electronic keysafe system, Multacc Keysafe system, installed.

1994 - Board began drafting plans to expand office on East 70th Street.

1994 - Commercial REALTORS® began working toward a commercial Listing Service.


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